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Kuch To Hua Hai…. Love?!! Really!!!?

Posted by samthambu on September 20, 2007

Something has happened… Really!!!? – by Samuel Thambusamy

courtesy: youtube video posted by salmankhan786.

The song Kuch To Hua Hai is from the movie Kal Ho Na Ho. This youtube video is provided only for aiding the discussion questions below.

Questions for group discussion (By Samuel Thambusamy)

1) What is this song all about?

” There is no such thing called Love. If there’s a marriage its always… arranged”
” Love? The body does not know how to love. It only knows hunger, hunger for lust”
” Love…Love is Yash Chopra’s songs”
” Love…Love is to chill”

2. What according to you is this thing called love?


” Love…I’ll tell you… When in love everything looks beautiful. Every dream comes true. All your goals change direction. Even the wind changes its course. Eyes search for colours and now red starts to look nice…every moment… everytime…always…there’s only one name on your lips… ”

3. Would you agree with Aman Mathur (played by Shah Rukh Khan)? Why?


4) Being in Love is such a wonderful feeling. Why does it feel different and that everything has changed? Why do people fall in love? When is the right time to fall in love?


5) There so much of love talk doing the rounds. It is said that some people are in love with the idea of falling in love rather than falling in love itself. Comment!


” Make what you will… This is love indeed” , ” I found love and lost my heart”

6) How do you know that you are in love with a person? How is infactuation different from Love?


7) Naina (Preity Zinta) is in love with Aman Mathur(Shah Rukh); Rohit Patel (saif) is in love with Naina. How do you see the whole thing? If Naina had been your friend, What would you tell Rohit?


8) Share with the group a new thing that you learnt today about love? What other things would you like to tell the group?



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