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The Lord’s prayer (contemporary version)

Posted by samthambu on September 14, 2007

By Samuel Thambusamy

All: God! We belong to you
Leader: Everyone’s invited
All: We belong to one-another.
Leader: Connecting People!
All: We are truly one big family
Leader: Connecting India
All: Come! Live in our midst.
Leader: Live…every moment
All: May we have Love, Joy and Peace
Leader: The Experience begins within
All: May we learn to love and love to learn your will for communities
Leader: Yeh Dil Maange More!
All: Let us live out your values in thought, word and deed, to make this world a better place.
Leader: I live life! I work out!
All: Give us this day what we need to live
Leader: A life without cash has never been this easy
All: Guard us from greed, indecision and hate for our actions and choices have a knock-on effect
Leader: There’s so much to see in life. Keep watching!
All: Help us reconcile our differences, accept our diversities and celebrate our distinctiveness.
Leader: Whatever it takes
All: Love, Joy and Peace are yours. May these be our core values that bring us together.
Leader: Live it! Flaunt it!
All: Now and forever more!
Leader: The Future is bright
All: Amen!


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