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Love – What is it?

Posted by samthambu on February 26, 2008

(A discussion based on the movie Salaam Namaste by Samuel Thambusamy)

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Yash Chopra’s film Salaam Namaste (2005) is about Nikhil Arora (played by Saif Ali Khan) and Amby (played by Preity zinta) living in Melbourne. The film unfolds problems in their love life and deals specifically with the issue of  marriage relationships ( or the lack of it). The tagline reads: Let’s get to know each other. Salaam Namaste (2005) is a fascinating movie that deals with issues that we are all faced with.

Questions for discussion ( By Samuel Thambusamy)

 (1) Ron: How long does it take to know someone?
Nick: Depends, SOmetimes one meeting is enough. Sometimes a lifetime falls short
Ron: One meeting…so I’m not being hasty then.

What would you tell Ron, if he asked you this question? Why?


2. Can’t believe Cathy! Can’t believe Ron!
Both Nick and Amby found it hard to believe Cathy and Ron’s decision to get married. Do you think Ron should have thought about marriage seriously? Why?


3) Nick had hated Amby (everything about her) till he met her. And then, he fell in love with her. Why do you think he fell in love with Amby?


4) Amby: So your truth is changeable
Nick: Well…Truth is like a recipe. Somethings you hide and some you reveal.
Amby: So what’s the one vital truth that you’ve hidden so far and from whom?
Nick: My wife doesnt know that we are married! Sorry! Just kidding

What do you think about Nick’s definition of Truth? How does it affect relationships?


5) I don’t believe in marriage! But, if my mom was alive then, yes, perphaps I’d even do taht for her sake.

If Nick doesn’t believe in marriage why does he fall in love with Amby? Would you feel comfortable to be in love with someone who does not believe in marriage?


6) Nick: I love you…
Amby: Are you crazy…
Nick: No…
AmbyThen what are you saying
Nick:That I love you
AmbyYou are nuts…
Nick:Why? Because I love you.
AmbyYou don’t love me.
Nick: Excuse me, How do you know that?

How does Nick understand love? Do you think Nick was a little too hasty in telling Amby about his love for her? Why?


7) Nick has known Amber for just five days. Do you think Amby should accept Nick’s love? Why? If you were Amby’s close friend what would you tell her? 



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