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Transit (26 April 2008)

Posted by samthambu on April 26, 2008

The Call

You alone are the LORD, Creator of the heavens and all the stars, Creator of the earth and those who live on it, Creator of the ocean and all its creatures. You are the source of life, praised by the stars that fill the heavens.  (Neh 9:6 CEV)




The heavens keep telling the wonders of God, and the skies declare what he has done. Each day informs the following day; each night announces to the next. They don’t speak a word, and there is never the sound of a voice. Yet their message reaches all the earth, and it travels around the world. In the heavens a tent is set up for the sun.  (Psa 19:1-4 CEV)



Sing joyful songs to the LORD! Praise the mighty rock where we are safe. Come to worship him with thankful hearts and songs of praise. The LORD is the greatest God, king over all other gods. He holds the deepest part of the earth in his hands, and the mountain peaks belong to him. The ocean is the Lord’s because he made it, and with his own hands he formed the dry land. Bow down and worship the LORD our Creator! The LORD is our God, and we are his people, the sheep he takes care of in his own pasture. Listen to God’s voice today! (Psa 95:1-7 CEV)


“Jeremiah, I am your Creator, and before you were born, I chose you to speak for me to the nations.”

(Jer 1:5 CEV)






Questions for discussion

  • How has the creator God worked in your life? What areas do you need God to work on?
  • How have you understood the New Creation process? How much did you enjoy?
  • Why do you think God is still patient with us? How has it helped you to understand God better?
  • What is God telling you today? What are you going to do in response to God’s Word?

My dear friends, you have been warned ahead of time! So don’t let the errors of evil people lead you down the wrong path and make you lose your balance. Let the wonderful kindness and the understanding that come from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help you to keep on growing. Praise Jesus now and forever! Amen.

(2Pe 3:17-18 CEV)

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