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Posted by samthambu on July 23, 2008

A dicussion based on the Ne-Yo’s song Closer by Samuel Thambusamy)



Turn the lights off in this place/ And she shines just like a star/ And I swear I know her face/ I just don`t know who you are/ Turn the music up in here /I still hear her loud and clear Like she`s right there in my ear / Telling me that she wants to own me /To control me /Come closer /Come closer / And I just can`t pull myself away /Under Her Spell I can’t break /
I just cant stop /I just cant stop /I just cant stop / I just cant stop

I can feel her on my skin /I can taste her on my tongue /Shes the sweetest taste of sin /The more I get the more I want /She wants to own me….. /Come closer /She says “come closer” / And I just can`t pull myself away /Under Her Spell I can’t break /I just cant stop

(Come closer)

I just can`t stop nooooo

Questions for personal reflection (by Samuel Thambusamy)

  • What is this song about?


  • I just can’t pull myself away under her spell I can’t break! Is it a good thing or a bad thing to happen to you?


  • She’s the sweetest taste of sin. The more I get the more I want! ” Why do you think being ” under a spell” and entrapped tastes sweet? Why do you think people do things that they know is not good for them? Why don’t we get enough of things that entrap/enslave us?


  • The problem with young people is that they do not recognize good when it stares them in the eye. Worse, they can’t recognize evil when it winks at them. In the light of this song is this a fair comment?


  • “Sex drive” has the power to control us – thoughts, actions and imagination. How do we handle our sex drives? If we are controlled, is there is a way out?


  • I just can’t stop. Nooooooo…. Is there really help for such a person? Who or what can help him find adequate answers to life?


  • Do you agree/disagree with this song? Why?



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