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Conversations with God – 1

Posted by samthambu on April 9, 2008

A personal bible study prepared by Samuel Thambusamy

The woman (EVE) stared at the fruit. It looked beautiful and tasty. She wanted the wisdom that it would give her, and she ate some of the fruit. Her husband (ADAM) was there with her, so she gave some to him, and he ate it too. Right away they saw what they had done, and they realized they were naked. Then they sewed fig leaves together to make something to cover themselves. Late in the afternoon a breeze began to blow, and the man and woman heard the LORD God walking in the garden. They were frightened and hid behind some trees. The LORD called out to the man and asked, “Where are you?” The man answered, “I was naked, and when I heard you walking through the garden, I was frightened and hid!” “How did you know you were naked?” God asked. “Did you eat any fruit from that tree in the middle of the garden?” “It was the woman you put here with me,” the man said. “She gave me some of the fruit, and I ate it.” The LORD God then asked the woman, “What have you done?” “The snake tricked me,” she answered. “And I ate some of that fruit.”
(Gen 3:6-13 CEV)

Questions for Further discussion

1) What is this passage about?
2) Who are the characters mentioned in the passage? What do we know about them?
3) Who were involved in the conversation with God? Who began the conversation? What was the conversation all about?
4) Why did Adam and Eve build walls around themselves (hide behind the trees)? Were they feeling ‘scared’ or ‘guilty’? Why is there is a discomfort when we think we are doing something wrong? Why are we able to get over this discomfort after some time?
5) The fruit represented ‘an image'(pleasing to the eye), “instinct” ( good for food) and “information (desirable for knowledge). Eve (and Adam?!) was attracted to it because of the image, instinct and information.
6)What are the attractions for us in the contemporary world? In what way do we wilfully disobey God? How do we feel about this? What walls are people building today? Who (or what) do people blame for all the things they do?
7) Adam and Eve resorted to a blame-game? How does this affect conversations between each other and between God?
8) Has there been a breakdown of your relationship with God? How did you feel about it (guilty, disgusted or scared? What walls did you build around yourself? Did you have a conversation with God after that? How did it go? How did you resolve the breakdown in relationship?
9) What is God telling you through the passage? What conversations are you planning to have with God?


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