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Are there rules to live by?

Posted by samthambu on September 18, 2007

By Samuel Thambusamy 

Read Gen 39: 1 – 23

1.What is this passage about?
2.Who are the characters mentioned in this passage? What do we know about them?
3.Lust presented itself to Joseph through an open invitation for sexual intimacy outside of marriage! What are the contemporary means that lust presents itself today? Imaginatively present Joseph’s response to any one of these.
4.Imagine Potiphar’s wife telling Joseph this:

It all depends on who you are
It all depends on where you are
It all depends on what you feel
It all depends on how you feel
It all depends on what is praised
It all depends on what is raised
What’s wrong today is right tomorrow
Fun in Egypt may be ancient near East’s sorrow
It all depends on points of view
Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt or may be Canaan too
In Canaan, do what the Canaanites do
In Egypt do what the Egyptians do
If people are narrow-minded then slip into the conservative shoe
May be if tastes seem to agree we have morality
But where there are conflicting trends
It all depends, it all depends…

How would Joseph have responded to such appeals to moral relativism? How did Joseph decide between what’s right and what’s wrong? Can we have moral absolutes in our postmodern world?

5.How do people decide what’s right/what’s wrong today? What do you think about them?
6.How do we decide what’s wrong and what’s right?
7.What is God telling me through this passage? What am I going to do in response to God’s Word to me?


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